The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

Lightning Talks - multiple short UX talks!

  • Littlelines HQ 50 Chestnut Street Beavercreek, OH, 45440 United States

UXDTN 2016 Lightning talks. 6 different speakers have 10 minutes each to compress their idea into an informative presentation. No rambling. No build-up. Just right to the body of the topic.

Here are the speakers and their topics:

Nate Sowder will present - Sprint: The Google Ventures Way

Leaders are faced with challenging questions as they plan out their strategies for products and services. How do we focus our efforts? How do I get started? Do I understand the problems I'm trying to solve? Performing a sprint allows you to be targeted in efforts, manage scope, and make sure everyone is centralized on solving one main problem.

Nadav Zohar will present - Testing a New Process Model

How do we know whether a new design process even makes a difference? In this talk I will describe some research I did this summer to answer that question. In the July UXDTN meeting Nadav had attendees participate in our first ever workshop. He's going to use what he learned from us in his lightning talk.

Darren Kall will present - UX is Science Engineering and Art

In the UX profession there is a lot of overlap in techniques and responsibilities, and a lot of diversity of skills and perspectives. Despite what training we’ve had and or disciplines of origin we share a common attitude on how to make things right and make things better. But the community’s focus on titles and “ownership” of UX leads to disciplinary schisms and unproductive isolation. I’d like to present a case for necessary dependencies and interrelations among UX practitioners as our strength not as something to argue over. 

Nick Kizirnis will present - Living in the Micro-Moment: Mapping the Fleeting Glimpses of the Customer Journey

According to Google, a "micro-moment" is a moment that requires only a glance to identify, and that delivers immediate information that you can either absorb, or act on now. It is mobile-centered, but it has already changed the way User Experience professionals must think about the customer journey.

Jeff Richards will present - A low cost usability testing using UXCheck

UXCheck is a free Chrome extension that helps you identify usability issues through a heuristic evaluation. Jeff will introduce UXCheck, talk about the UX and the benefits, then get into UXCheck and show how it is used.

Zachary Zimmerlin will present - Designing a Virtual Learning Interface

I am developing a learning interface in a virtual environment for diabetic veterans for the VA. The design of the interface is based upon human factors and UX principles, learning theories, and virtual environments. Due to limited research on virtual learning environments, the current research is exploratory.


As usual we will start at 5:30 with networking and pizza and soda. Then an intro and talks starting at 6:00. We'll finish a little after 7:00 and people will hang out chatting until our space sponsor say's it is time to go home. 





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