The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

A Design "Tag Team" Build with Nikki Ridenour and Ricardo Zea

  • Sparkbox 123 Webster Street Dayton, OH, 45402 United States

For the August meeting we will look at the design-side of building a website. 

In this 'tag team' format, Nikki Ridenour will take the role of Visual Designer and Ricardo Zea will be our Front-end Designer. Nikki will walk us through the process of creating a visually engaging website then Ricardo will interpret her design into HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Many of you are now asking 'what's the difference between a Visual Designer and a Front-end Designer?'

A Visual Designer knows the world of Front-end Design but focuses on creating a visually engaging product that communicates a client's intended message. They can make a website come to life and connect with customers through compelling imagery, storytelling and balance. They can communicate the intangible message of a website and make it a lasting memory for the users.

A Front-end Designer knows the world of Visual Design but focuses on interpreting the design through HTML, CSS and presentational JavaScript. They are masters of protecting the intended design as it's presented on the Internet. Their skills in responsive web design, performance and usability protect the designer's message on any size device.

Will they be able to demonstrate the design process from a "blank canvas" to a complete and functional website within 1 hour? 
Join us August 3rd to find out.