The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

Introduction to Raspberry Pi & Scratch Programming

  • Dayton Diode 660 Milburn Avenue Dayton, OH, 45404 United States

At long last!  

The Official Introduction to Raspberry Pi & Scratch Programming!

In the mid-2000's some fellows in the UK got fed up with students arriving to Cambridge University without requisite computer programming skills.  Their solution:  create a portable computer with some programming tools, give it to young people, and see if they did anything creative with it.  This was the genesis of the Raspberry Pi project, the ultra-popular system-on-a-chip PC that is now in its 3rd major revision.  

This workshop series sticks to that original vision - the Pi as an aide for learning how to program.  The introductory workshop will cover:

* What is a Raspberry Pi?

* The hardware

* (Brief) history of the GNU/Linux operating system

* The Raspbian OS, a variant of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution

* Operating system installation on the Pi

* Support applications for interfacing your Windows PC with a Pi

* The (not scary at all) command line interface (the terminal)

* Basic (and useful!) terminal commands

* The X Window system - graphical user interface for the Pi

* Overview of the desktop menus

* What else can I do with a Raspberry Pi?

There will also be an introduction to the Scratch programming environment.  Scratch, a project of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, turns programming into a graphical adventure for creating your own games and animations.


* What is Scratch?

* The Scratch programming environment - main window

  • * The blocks palette (object items)

* Basic programs (scripts) with Scratch

   - When "green flag" clicked:

   - Move, turn, point in a given direction

   - The Looks palette

   - Say, think commands

   - Drawing using the pen

Cost:  $60 (includes a Raspberry Pi 2 with case, power supply, and microSD card - NOTE: only five of these are available, first-come-first serve!)

$15 workshop only (bring your own Pi if you already own one) 

Please e-mail Pat Craig at spacecat5000 (AT) gmail (DOT COM) for additional details.