The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

LIVE "Tag Team" BUILD - Nate and Jarrett will create a web application in 1hr!

  • Sparkbox 123 Webster Street Dayton, OH, 45402 United States

A LIVE "tag team" web application build demonstrating "frontend" and "backend" technologies and how they fit together.

During this "tag team" demonstration Nate Denlinger and Jarrett Drouillard will build a web application LIVE!! Nate will useLaravel for the server-side/backend structure that Jarrett will use for the frontend EmberJS application.


This will be a fascinating presentation as Nate and Jarrett work together to build a functional web application. The two, working together, will give us insight on real-world development environments having teams with separate roles. We will also see how the pieces fit together between the roles of the frontend and backend development.

Can they work together and finish this application in 1hr?! Join us July 6th to find out!