The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

DDV - Griddle and Cycling

  • Applied Information Sciences 2681 Commons Boulevard Beavercreek, OH, 45431 United States

Welcome to the Dayton Data Visualization group! Many thanks to Ryan Lanciaux and Matt Anderson for volunteering to share at our May 12th event! This will be a lunchtime meetup in Beavercreek at Applied Information Sciences.

11:30am: Pizza, Sponsors, and Announcements

12:00pm: Griddle, a simple, extendable grid component for the web - Ryan Lanciaux will present Griddle, a React datagrid component that allows you to override almost any part of the grid with components that you define. Let's discuss how to use Griddle and how to switch things around to translate our grid into visualizations of the same data. Ryan is a software developer in Northwest Ohio. Although he programs in several languages, his current area of focus is front-end development. He attempts to contribute to the development community through his (often neglected) blog.

12:30pmLTS Dayton: Visualizing Traffic Stress Data for Local Cyclists - Matt Anderson will discuss his experiences gathering, transforming, and visualizing Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) data for bicyclists in the Miami Valley. Launched from an idea at a talk at the 2016 Adventure Summit, he will detail the process he used to go from large ArcGIS/Google Earth data files to a more web-friendly format and visualize the data on a map using Leaflet and OpenStreetMap. Matt is a software engineer who loves building things and solving problems and is also an avid bicycle commuter.

1:00pm: End

The Dayton Data Visualization group will meet quarterly unless I get enough volunteers to make it happen more frequently. Please volunteer to share a topic with the group! What makes a good presentation topic for DDV? Here are some ideas:

Case Studies - Show us how you made a cool visualization or infographic

Development Tips - Show us how to use a cool new tool or framework

Benchmarks - Comparisons between tools or frameworks

Data Mining - Show us how you mine/retrieve data to use in your visualizations

Optimization - Show us how you optimize your visualizations for performance on the web and mobile devices

Presentations are only twenty minutes long. This is to lower the barrier of entry for new speakers and to make the talks less of a time commitment from the speakers (and audience). Keep them short, sweet, and specific.