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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

Holiday Game Night+Tourney

  • Wright State University 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway Fairborn, OH, 45324 United States

Test your tabletop skills at our SECOND OFFICIAL GALATUNE TOURNAMENT!! Presented by The Comic Book League WSU during their annual Holiday Game Night!

Wright State University
Rike Hall, ReyRey Cafe & Lobby


Celebrate the end of the semester and the beginning of the holiday season with Wright State University's Comic Book League! Open to the public!
-FREE COFFEE provided by the ReyReyCafe and Boston Stoker
-Open Tabletop Gaming, lots of favorites, plus feel free to bring your own!
-Super Smash Bros Wii U
-Comic Book Auction
-Official Galatune Tournament

To register, please email and provide your: name, email address, and shipping address. Game prizes will be shipped.

1st place: 
-free preorder for Starter Deck
-free preorder for Fan Booster expansion set
-limited edition 11x14” metallic wall art of your favorite character
-$25 cash
-official champion spotlight on Hall of Fame

2nd place:
-free preorder for Starter Deck
-free preorder for Fan Booster expansion set

Double Elimination Bracket.
4 players per battle.

Win Conditions:
The first player to earn 3VP at a table will advance to the winner’s bracket. All other players will advance to the loser’s bracket. A win in the loser’s bracket advances a player. A loss in the loser’s bracket eliminates a player. In the event of a tie, the game will continue until the first player reaches a tie-breaking score. 

All Dawn of Borrowed Light Starter Deck and Fan Expansion characters will be permitted. Players may select any available character and may change characters for each battle and for each respawn.

Tournament Deck: 
The base tournament deck will be taken from the Dawn of Borrowed Light Starter Deck. All cards will be provided for the tournament, however the following cards will be banned:
-004 Lucky Day: instant VP gain
-005 Grand Reaper: instant KO
-066 Tidal Wave: high-damage field attack
-075 Robo-Army Onslaught: high-damage field attack
-007 Jeleousy: point stealing
-020 Comet Rain: high-damage field attack

2-Minute Rule:
Players will have a maximum of 2 minutes to ready each hand, and up to 2 minutes to choose cards when defeating an opponent. If the player fails to make their selection before the 2 minute mark, they will lose their turn and their character will be imobilized. 

About WSU Comic Book League:
The League is Wright State University's official club for comic book and comic culture enthusiasts. The League meets weekly at Wright State University to read comics, watch comic-inspired movies, play games, and debate the latest trends in this rapidly growing industry. The League is open to both student and community members. For more information contact League president Daniel Hood at

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