The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

An Introduction to GrowthWheel for WiBN Entrepreneur Group

  • The Entrepreneurs Center 714 East Monument Avenue Dayton, OH, 45402 United States

For 2017, we are excited to bring the GrowthWheel® Toolkit to the WiBN Entrepreneur Group experience facilitated by Pat Newcomb of the Ohio SBDC at The Entrepreneurs Center. 


This workshop is a great way to help you determine if joining the 2017 WiBN Entrepreneur Group is a good fit for you. We hope you'll join us for this introductory session.


As entrepreneurs and business owners we are continually challenged to keep up with the daily routines of our business. We need to do more to focus on growth, but often find ourselves uncertain what to do. GrowthWheel® is an action-oriented program designed to help entrepreneurs at all stages overcome their barriers to growth.


Developed by entrepreneurs, the GrowthWheel® stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work:

  • Offers an alternative to the conventional business planning framework. 
  • Provides a visual framework for dialogue, focus, agenda setting, decision-making and action taking.
  • Helps owners and managers determine which areas to focus on to strengthen and grow their business.
  • Participants will experience a simple action-oriented process to support the decision making that we do every day.

Join Pat Newcomb, SBDC and GrowthWheel® Advisor, and Laura Carter, chair of WiBN's Entrepreneur Group, for a 90-minute orientation to our 2017 program and an introduction to the GrowthWheel® process. Participate in a hands-on exercise with the GrowthWheel® toolkit, and get a sense of how empowering it will be to work with your fellow business owners on core issues guided by a Certified GrowthWheel® Advisor. A light breakfast will be provided.