The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

Up and Running with a Child Theme in WordPress

  • Dayton Metro Library 2718 Lyons Road Miamisburg, OH, 45342 United States

Join us Wednesday at Mike England speaks on WordPress Child Themes.

Mike is a full time Designer / Developer at Holmes Marketing Services I get to work on a wide array of projects. When he'snot at work he likes to ride motorcycles and work on fun side projects such as painting, and of course learning more about WordPress.

If you've ever built a site on WordPress you may have many questions such as how can I add custom styles?  How do I modify certain parts of my theme? What can I do to make my changes safe even after updating my theme? The answer to all of these questions is using a child theme. Join me as I walk you through everything you need to know from start to finish with a few cool tricks along the way about setting up your first child theme. 

Highlights We Will Cover

• What is a child theme

• Why you should use a child theme.

• How to make a child theme.

• Examples of what you can do with a child theme.

• Helpful tips and resources to get you started.