The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

Holistic view on the dynamic of moving between innovator and entrepreneur

  • WBI Tec^Edge 5000 Springfield Street Dayton, OH, 45431 United States

Holistic view on the dynamic of moving between innovator and entrepreneur.

Collider Members, let’s have a big turnout for this! Do you think your ‘Ask’ to customers is strong? Are you an Innovator but the Entrepreneur in you is lacking or vice versa? If you have to think about this and wonder, your message can probably use some work – this Collider will take you to a more successful communication process to your customer and service.

Event Description
Please join us in October for a challenging workshop. Do you need to write a business plan and don't know where to start? Are you in the first steps of ideation for a potentially great idea and are overwhelmed with questions? Learn how to: Create the Ask Presentation 

• See beyond your idea or product
• Capture the business model in terms of relationships
• Create a business canvas for your idea. 
• Create a list of your most important next steps to validate your idea. 

Remember that the capability you bring into the world is what must sell as you move resources to bring about your desired return. And as Steve Blank would say, "In a startup, no business plan survives first contact with customers." 

Speakers Bios

Charles Nick is passionate about entrepreneurship and aviation with experience with the following organizations: NASA, Boeing, the US Air Force, The Spaceship Company and more. He has studied business and lean principles for the past 5 years and when he discovered how to apply lean methodologies to startups a whole new door was opened. He created Douvalis Labs in 2014 as a think tank to launch businesses with some of his smartest friends and business colleagues. The first official creation is called The Wright Cup whose mission is to help you discover great coffee, launched in Dayton, Ohio at the end of 2015 and has expanded into markets statewide.

Larry Jenkins is passionate about innovation development and STEM-C2 (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics - Creative Consciousness) education with over thirty years engineering experience with USAF working tech transfer and acquisition engineering. Presently, he is the CEO of Nouveau Innovation Alliance LLC which is an innovation development consulting firm which coaches you to prepare for the "Shark Tank" experience or first transition from invention to innovation. He also is a certified coach in the innovation methodology So What, Who Cares, Why You from the Wendy Kennedy Institute and his firm utilizes the 21st Century movement of Holistic System Engineering as a philosophical base for consulting.