The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Executive Technology Briefing Conference

  • Montgomery County Business Solutions Center 1435 Cincinnati Street Dayton, OH, 45417 United States

Come be a part of an inaugural event at the new Montgomery County Business Solutions Center (, a collaboration between the county, Sinclair Community College, Wright State University, the Dayton Chamber of Commerce, Dayton SCORE, Dayton Public Library and other area resources focused on economic growth through workforce development, entrepreneurship and business development. This free lunch and learn conference presents a practical guide to Information (computers/data) and Communications (phones/voice) Technology (ICT) alignment to drive business performance and support business operations.

 Targeted Audience: This innovative workshop is designed for existing business owners, operators, executives and/or ICT managers that wish to integrate and align their current computer and phone technology and network to their business to support company plans, goals and initiatives, leverage external forces of change, harness internal business challenges, create positive customer experiences, increase productivity and control operating costs.

Seminar Description: This free lunch (provided) and learn workshop provides basic perspective into why ICT alignment is mission critical in today’s volatile business landscape and experience loyal consumers. Hear from area technology industry experts and users on how to identify the ICT, small business (SMB) alignment process and the steps to effectively fine-tune, upgrade, enhance or replace your existing voice and/or data infrastructure and network.

Key Audience Benefits:

1. Discover two mission critical imperatives for business success today

2. Define information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure

3. Why is ICT alignment mission critical in business today?

4. Explore the right business technology configuration for your business

Traditional premise based digital, voice over IP, Cloud telephony or hybrid

5. How to evaluate information and technology challenges and solutions

6. How to align technology features with business goals, objectives and initiatives

7. Discover a proven ICT alignment process (applying solutions to ICT challenges)

8. Isolates key ICT alignment buying objectives and decision criteria to support safe decisions

9. What to expect in a new ICT infrastructure/network installation and ongoing management

10. Introduce you to a proven ICT alignment partner

Expected Outcomes: Attendees will walk away from this valuable conference with a clear understanding of how information and communications technology alignment can impact there business at multiple levels of the organization and help it to compete aggressively and prosper. Each participant will receive a free ICT Alignment Guide (CD) and other valuable resources to help them with the alignment process.