The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups

Do you enjoy working with entrepreneurs? Want to change the course of someone's business before your colleagues have had their first cup of coffee? 

Then join us for Early Risers!

Who's up this month at Early Risers?


We post upcoming presenters by the 2nd Friday of the month, so if you don't see any images above, that means you're a little early! Be sure to stop back by this page later to discover which of our amazing startups will be pitching soon.

What is Early Risers?

Early Risers is a morning event series intended to bring together big companies and startups in a mutually beneficial forum, allowing executives the opportunity to find innovative solutions to their industry problems and increasing the entrepreneurs' odds of finding the resources they need to launch their businesses to the next level.

Once a month 3 entrepreneurs will pitch their concept or product to an audience of business leaders, angel investors, and game-changers. The catch is that these entrepreneurs are asking for more than just funding--they are pitching for things like:

  1. Connections to business that might be their first customers.
  2. Access to a mentor to help build their weaknesses.
  3. A key employee to round out their team.
  4. A supplier that can scale their manufacturing
  5. A technical co-founder

The audience will then be given 5 minutes to ask questions of the entrepreneurs. Opportunities to ask additional questions or connect with the entrepreneur will be available after the event.

Want to pitch your idea or product? Download our slide template and then fill out an application to pitch here

We are also looking for people/organizations to sponsor coffee and donuts. Sponsorship of coffee and donuts will get you 2 minutes in front of the audience to share your product, service, or event. Fill out an application to sponsor here.